• Tow Graduate International Travel Stipend for All Divine Colors: Female Deities in Practice and Life, from Brooklyn College

    Research Travel grant awarded to Elizabeth Insogna for All Divine Colors: Female Deities in Practice and Life at The Kamakhya Temples’ Complex to study The Cult of the Goddess, specifically The Mahavidyas with Priest Rajib Sarma

  • Magic Praxis interviews Elizabeth Insogna

  • Women Artists Are Channeling The Magic Of The Feminine Occult

  • Artist Talk with Curator, Joey Yates at KMAC

    October 15th, 2pm

    The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

    Join KMAC Curator Joey Yates for a conversation with Sisters of the Moon artist Elizabeth Insogna, followed by a tour of the exhibition.

  • Sisters of the Moon

    Sisters of the Moon

    Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
    Sisters of the Moon
    October 15, 2016 - January 8, 2017, 2nd Floor Gallery

    Curated by Joey Yates

    Sisters of the Moon features artists who engage with ideas around mysticism and mythology, illuminating the creative spaces where spirituality, art and female identity converge. Rooted in the belief that women possess a greater connectedness to the surrounding environment, embodying the forces of nature and more fully linked with divine power, this exhibition provides a unique setting for art exploring the poetics of nature and the feminine divine.

    Artists include: Evie Falci, Lauren Fensterstock, Chitra Ganesh, Elizabeth Insogna, Kathleen Lolley, Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running, Katarzyna Majak, Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz, Connie Roberts, Kiki Smith, Sazi Thomas, Saya Woolfalk, Lina Iris Viktor and others.

  • The Issues

    September 9th - October 31st 2016

    Center for the Arts
    196 Ventral Ave
    White Plains, NY

  • Erik Hanson: Two Years Looking

    Erik Hanson: Two Years Looking

    "Searching Pleroma", 2016, ink and acrylic on panel, 20" x 24" will be included in "Two Years of Looking," curated by Erik Hanson at New Art Projects in London, UK opening July 15 and running through August 28, 2016.

    Bill Albertini – Erica Baum – Dasha Bazanova – Lucky DeBellevue – Ellen Berkenblit – Robert Buck – Dietmar Busse – Bubi Canal – Matt Connors – James E Crowther – Vaginal Davis – Jack Davidson – Liz Deschenes – Cheryl Donegan – Thomas Dozol – Jack Early – Franklin Evans – Keltie Ferris – Sam Gordon – Jeffrey Gibson – Robert Gober – Jonah Groeneboer – Amir Guberstein – Martin Gustavsson – Richard Haines – Erik Hanson – Karen Heagle – Scott Hug – Elizabeth Insogna – Peter Krashes – Elisabeth Kley – Mark Jan Krayenhoff van de Leur – Justen Ladda – Scooter La Forge – Sharon Louden – Pepe Mar – Keith Mayerson – Robert Melee – Donald Moffett – Chuck Nanney – Frank Olt – Joel Otterson – Jack Pierson -Jacob Robichaux – Carlos Rolón/Dzine – Paul Mpagi Sepuya – Richard Tinkler – Betty Tompkins – Scott Treleaven

    Erik Hanson: Two Years Looking

  • Brandi Twilley interviews Elizabeth Insogna for The Color Hour

    Brandi Twilley interviews Elizabeth Insogna for The Color Hour


  • Article on Elizabeth Insogna by Alessandro Keegan in Ephemera

    Article on Elizabeth Insogna by Alessandro Keegan in Ephemera
  • The Lodge Gallery

    Paul Brainard: Roasted

    February 24th - April 3rd

    The Lodge Gallery

  • Nurture Benefit at The Boiler | Pierogi Gallery

    November 9th and 10th, 2015

  • Lesser Deities of Summer

    Curated by Kari Adelaide and Max Razdow (The Sphinx)

    1329 Willoughby Ave #211. Brooklyn, NY 11237
    August 15th to September 6th, 2015
    Gallery Hours: Sat – Sun 1pm – 6pm,
    and by appointment
    Video Screening: September 3rd
    Opening Reception: Saturday, August 15th 7 - 10 pm

    Jesse Bransford
    Peter Clough
    Christopher Davison
    Lorenzo De Los Angeles
    Evie Falci
    Jennifer Gustavson
    Elizabeth Insogna
    Alessandro Keegan
    Denise Kupferschmidt
    Jac Lahav
    Tracy Molis
    Ryan Schneider
    Jennifer Sullivan
    Bob Szantyr
    Nick van Woert
    Saya Woolfalk

  • Magic Praxis, curated by Clarity Haynes, Improvised Showboat #10
    Jennifer Coates' Studio, Industry City
    Brooklyn, NY
    Opening reception: July 18, 2015
    6-8 pm

  • Salon @ 659 Jefferson Avenue! Curated by Claire Ellen Corey*

    Loosely based on how humans are effecting change both in nature and in culture. It begs the question what is "nature"? Humans are part of nature, but what "nature" are we creating through our actions?

    The participating artists:
    Claire Corey
    Shoshana Dentz
    Joe Fyfe
    Jackie Gendel
    Karen Heagle
    Liz Insogna
    Ryan Johnson
    Ross Knight
    Ryan Lauderdale
    Curtis Mitchell
    Mary Ann Monforton
    Tom McGrath
    Frank Oudeman
    Carol Saft
    Carol Shymanski
    Miryana Todorova

    Location: 659 Jefferson Avenue Apt#3, Brooklyn, NY phone: 917-304-6034
    Open Saturdays and Sundays 2-6pm plus by appointment through May 23rd with a closing party May 23rd from 7-10ish pm

    Human Nature

  • Leaden Turns Light in Abraxas 6

    International Journal of Esoteric studies, edited by Christina Oakley Harrington and Robert Ansell in limited edition Hardcover or Paperback, with essays, poetry, interview and art including a feature of my paintings in Leaden Turns Light.

    Abraxas 6

  • I:MAGE exhibition

    Traveling with unfamiliar Spirits. Group exhibition and color catalogue at Cob Gallery, UK with Fulgur Esoterica.
    Fulgur Limited

  • I:MAGE exhibition

    Traveling with unfamiliar Spirits. Group exhibition and color catalogue at Cob Gallery, UK with Fulgur Esoterica.
    Fulgur Limited

  • Goddess, Speak

    From the new moon on May 28th, 2014 till late October I'll be making work, researching, writing and invoking 10 Goddesses across various cultures and times. This work will be posted online by Fulgur Limited as part
    of a series of projects which culminate in their second I:MAGE exhibit in London.


  • MomentaArt's Spring Benefit

    April 18 - May 8, 2014
    For more information and to see all donated work:

  • Postcards From the Edge

    Benefit for Visual Aids
    Luhring Augustine
    531 W 24th Street,
    New York, NY,

    January 24 - 26th, 2014
    January 24th 5-8pm

  • wild moon

    wild moon, curated by Liz Insogna, in Brooklyn, New York
    September 4th, 2013

  • Tracing the Spirit in Berlin

    Tracing the Spirit is a watercolor installation that consists of 30 works on paper that come together to make one work. It is a collective of images from a vision which attempts to conceptually trace the human spirit through time. The installation opens to a second room which holds portraits of Guardians and Daemons, forces imagined to affect the shape of the human drama within the installation.

    Opening is February 14th, 2013
    6- 9pm

    RAR Galerie, Knesebeckstrasse 90, 10623 Berlin

    Opening times: Th-Fr 4-7 pm, Sa 3-6 pm, and by appointment.

    Phone: +49 177 609 66 09 (Bernhard Ailinger); +40 170 318 41 67 (Gerhard Charles Rump)

    E-mail: rar@rar-gallery.com

    www.rar-gallery.com/news RAR gallery

  • Affordable Art Fair with RAR Gallery, Berlin October 4 - 7th NYC

    RAR Gallery will show some work at The Affordable Art Fair in The Tunnel in Chelsea October 4 - 7 2012

  • Indian Summer, September 23 - October 21, 2012

    Indian Summer
    INDIAN SUMMER is an extended 2nd presentation of our summer show installed at a private brownstone in Clinton Hill.

    Including works by: Kim Keever, Spencer Tunick, Joni Sternbach, Edwina White, Megan Greene, Brian Dettmer, Elizabeth Insogna, Yorgo Alexopoulos, Javier Pinon, John Spinks, Ayca Koseogullari, Alan Steele, Mia Berg, Russ Meyer, ARENAgal by Renée Riccardo jewelry, Morissa Geller jewelry, Mara Hoffman swimwear, and more.


  • She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

    She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore


    August 18 - September 2, 2012
    Reception: Saturday, August 18, 5 - 8 p.m.

    Champagne Saturdays: August 25 and September 1, 4 - 6 p.m.

    To view works, click under "Artworks" on the left menu. Click thumbnails to enlarge, see info., and advance. More to come.

    Invited to do a quick summertime show by our charming friends at Quik Fun Gallery in East Hampton, Kinz + Tillou Fine Art has put together a fun and eclectic collection of contemporary artworks, 19th century paintings, antique & folk collectibles, artists' jewelry, designer/artist swimwear and, yes, the most extraordinary seashells.

    Including works by: Kim Keever, Spencer Tunick, Edwina White, Megan Greene, Brian Dettmer, Elizabeth Insogna, Joni Sternbach, Javier Pinon, Mara Hoffman, John Spinks, Renėe Riccardo, Morissa Geller, Ayca Koseogullari, Alan Steele, Mia Berg, Dalton Portella more.

    Come quick, have fun and buy seriously!

    98 Newtown Lane
    East Hampton, NY 11937

    Hours: Wed.- Sun., 12-6